Who We Are

Behavioral Heath Education Services, LLC is a Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB) Approved Education Provider. We are also an approved vendor of The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR). We offer a variety of trainings related to Behavioral Health, Addiction, and Recovery.

Our Mission:

To provide high quality behavioral health education that will assist individuals in providing effective services in the behavioral health field.

Special Note Regarding All Upcoming Trainings:
Due to COVID-19, we will continue to take every precaution to keep our participants and staff safe. We will be following all State Guidelines. Each training participant and staff member will be required to:
         1. Wear a mask at all times during the training.
         2. Practice social distancing guidelines of 6 feet.
         3. Sign the training facilities Code of Conduct Form and Liability Waiver Form prior to attendance.
These new guidelines will require us to reduce our number of training participants. Early registration is encouraged in order to secure a spot.  If you have any questions regarding upcoming trainings, please feel free to reach out to us at: bheducationservices@gmail.com.
Upcoming PCB Approved
Online Trainings
In order to attend our online trainings, you must agree to the following in order to get a completion certificate:
         - Have working computer camera and be visibly present through the entire training.
​         - complete an online sign sheet and online evaluation
         - complete and pass an online quiz

5/13/21 - Professional Ethics in Peer Support Services- Part 2: Ethics, Values & Boundaries (12-3pm)


5/20/21 - Confidentiality in Peer Support Services (12-3pm)

5/27/21 - Motivational Interviewing in Peer Support Services (12-3pm)

7/2/21 - Professional Ethics in Peer Support Services - Part 1 - Basic Concepts of Ethics (12-3pm)


7/16/21 - Professional Ethics in Peer Support Services- Part 2: Ethics, Values & Boundaries (12-3pm)


7/30/21 - Confidentiality in Peer Support Services (12-3pm)

PCB Approved
Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS)/
Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS) 

Effective 1/1/2021: The new 78 hour CRS/CFRS standardized training curriculum has gone into effect across Pennsylvania. Each individual seeking CRS and/or CFRS certification will be required to complete 66 hours of in-person training hours and 12 hours of online homework/quiz hours. Each participant will need to have access to either a laptop or desktop computer due to the online component of this training.

CRS Training Participants must:

  • Have at least 18 months of continues recovery at time of training.

  • Have at least a high school diploma or GED.

Each participant seeking CRS certification must also pass the PCB CRS exam to become certified. Please visit www.pacertboard.org for all other requirements related to the CRS certification.

CFRS Training Participants must:

  • Have at lease a high school diploma or GED

  • Submit three (3) letters of reference/character.  The letters of reference/character must be from each of the following areas: • Personal (1) • Professional/volunteer (1) • Within recovery support services (1).

  • Must submit a written statement describing their experience navigating multiple systems; describing how their experience informs their work with other families, what resources they have accessed, and what family recovery means to them. Applicants should also describe how long they have considered themselves in recovery. Written statements must be a minimum of 1000 words.

Please visit www.pacertboard.org for all requirements related to the CFRS certification.

Our Next PCB Approved

CRS/CFRS Training Series Begins:


7/10/21 - 9/11/21

9-5 PM


West Lawn United Methodist Church

(Reiner Education Building - Room 109)

15 Woodside Ave

West Lawn, PA 19609

Total Cost: $1000.00

(Does Not Include the $150.00 PCB Exam Fee)

(Payment Plans Available)

If you would like to request or host a training at your facility
please contact Brad Schweitzer at BHEducationServices@gmail.com